Worldwide Certification Services Inc.
Marty Gasiorowski, President and DER

WCS' President, Marty Gasiorowski, has over 25 years of experience on certification programs with FAA, EASA and other certification authorities worldwide.  He is a Systems, Safety, Electronic Hardware and Software DER, and has worked with the Certification Authorities to define IMA certification approaches.  He was the United States Chairman of the Document Integration Team that generated DO-178C and associated supplements, was a member of the committees that generated DO-178B and ARP-4754, and has led a certification organization with over 120 employees. He is a member of the Forum on Aeronautical Software (FAS), a team providing interpretations and clarifications of DO-178C and supplements.

WCS' team can provide DER Services, including Systems, Safety, Software, AEH, IMA, HIRF/Lightning, Electrical and Structural approvals, ARP-4754A, DO-178B/C, DO-254, DO-200A and ARP-4754/DO-297 training, Systems, Software and AEH Quality Assurance/Process Assurance, and FAA Quality Management System support.

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